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Looking for the latest free SIM card offers from all of the major UK phone networks? If so look no further because we have them all right here at my free sim cards. Our site is updated daily and is the best place to find the latest offers first.

Latest Free SIM Card offers

Vodafone PAYG - 2 Free SIM Cards

O2 PAYG – 2 Free SIM Cards

T-Mobile PAYG – 2 Free SIM Cards

GiffGaff PAYG – 1 Free SIM Card

Orange PAYG – 5 Free SIM Cards

Tesco Mobile PAYG – 4 Free SIM Cards

Three PAYG – 2 Free SIM Cards


Why are these SIM Cards given away for free?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but no you really can get a new SIM Card for free! The reason being why all the Networks give SIMs away for free is a very simple one. It’s because they want you to become a customer of their network.

By giving you a free SIM card it’s, for them a very quick and cheaper way to do this.

Can I keep my current number?

Yes! The best part too is it’s free to do so. You can read more here.

How many Free SIM Cards can I order?

You are welcome to order from every mobile phone network listed on our site. Each phone company has a set limit you can order per household. This figure is stated in the above table and right across our pages.

Need further information?

No problem. These are our most FAQ. We have written a number of guides pages which feature loads more information relating to free sim cards. You can see them all here.